Friday, July 21, 2017

Michigan: The Shore

My aunt and uncle's house is basically right on the lake with just a pesky road in between their front yard and the shoreline. Everyday they set up tents and chairs for people to lounge in while others make boat runs back and forth. Haven refused to get on a boat except for the kayaks that were safely parked on shore. I got lots of reading done on this trip and so did many other from what I could tell! The weather was pretty perfect the whole time we were there. It sprinkled a little the first day but the kids didn't let that stop them from having fun.
 A blurry shot as we all gathered for the fireworks show
 Hey look I made it in a picture!!
Minnow catching was a favorite sport each day.  
Haven wasn't really too interested in being IN the actual water but I think she had fun playing near it.
 Papa and Chris both took the girls (and Haven) on bike rides. They loved it!
Up next: on the lake

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