Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ode to the Potty Training Mama

So we hit the potty training pretty hard when we came home from Oregon as you may recall. The cold turkey method was working pretty well. We managed to even travel to the Salt Plains and our big Michigan trip with minimal accidents. But then we came home from Michigan and she regressed majorly. Just totally forgot or didn't want to, I have no idea. She even wanted to nurse one morning?! It was a very frustrating few days and it solidified my decision that we shouldn't attempt another big trip or we'd probably be up against this all over again. Anyway we are plodding along and have some good days and some bad days. I wrote this post for OKCMB for all the other mama's (and daddy's) out there in the same boat as me!
There she stands. In the doorway of her home. Contemplating if she should dare brave the world today. Should she dare to step outside her home? The world can be a cruel place to someone in her position. Should she take the risk?

I'm talking about the potty training mama. Armed with a bag full of spare clothes (for the child AND her), bribery treats, wipes, and possibly a potty seat in tow, she steps outside to face an uncertain future.

I know these feelings because I'm right there with you. I'm saying the words "pee pee" and "poo poo" an ungodly amount of times a day for a 34 year old woman. I'm doing the happy dance anytime someone in our house goes to the potty. I even occasionally find myself cheering as I flush wht the toddler isn't around...sorry for the confusion of those in the public restroom with me...it's now just a knee jerk reaction

We've rolled up the area rugs, read the books, sang the songs, and stayed at home for more time than I care to. So now it's time to venture out. And I can't lie. It's a tad scary. Potty training kiddos in public is like walking around with tiny time bombs. You never know when they'll need to go And where will you be with they DO need to go? So this one goes out to you, the potty training mom, we are in this together and I see you for your bravery and recognize the special talents you possess as you face this world with you precious potty side kick!

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kmom said...

Find solace in the fact that some day she will be potty trained.

Dhanya said...

Loved this post! Keep sharing your potty training story, Katie :-).

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