Sunday, July 16, 2017

Overnight in Seminole

We had an impromptu overnight trip to Seminole a few weeks ago. It's hard to coordinate schedules amongst us, so we just have to jump at the chance when it comes! We had a lot of outdoor fun, including an evening picnic in the woods. Brad and Lauren gave us a concert and I'm ready to buy their album whenever it drops. We rode in the gator and the night drive home with spider webs highlighted in the headlights and trees scraping the kids arms was better than any rollercoaster ride they'd been on! We somehow always manage to indulge the kids in their favorite rainbow snack when we are together. As always the time flies when the kids are playing and the mamas are just chatting away. We sure do miss those Schatzels but glad they aren't too far away!
Haven tends to be a loner although she does join in with the big kids sometimes.
 She still manages to have fun though!
Curly girls by the firelight
 We got to tour the new hen house. Haven and Liv hand fed the chickens.
 And just as it was time to leave the kids decided to get soaking wet...naturally.
Hopefully we will have more adventures soon as we have a weekend at the lake with them coming up!

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kmom said...

You are blessed with fun friends and fun adventures.

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