Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Phone Dump {June 2017}

This dump is a bit late and I have no idea if I already posted some of these but enjoy snipits of our lives from last month! I can't believe how fast this summer is flying by!
Randy and Joyce were with us at the beginning of June for the World Series. We had fun with them as usual! The girls enjoyed their outdoor space before the weather got too hot. I often find Liv's barbies in random makeout sessions. I'm glad their clothes are on!
 The library is a weekly visit. We've made progress on our summer reading and just need to go collect our prizes! The random summer kids shows are a fun way to beat the heat....even if I barely understand them sometimes! Haven manages to make friends easily and asks if they want to do puzzles with her.
Pool time wears Haven out. She may not regularly nap but sometimes she crashes in the car and is impossible to wake up after that! Pro tip: always renew your license in the summer so you can be tan in the picture! 
Progress on the big house is underway and it's fun to see things we designed being shoe closets and bowling alleys and wine grottos! 
The summer outdoor concerts are in full swing and we've managed to make it to a few. The kids don't mind dancing with strangers and we like to meet up with church friends and play games.

There was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead. We recite this often to Haven. Selfie time! Sometimes we don't coordinate well with grocery shopping and end up with a lot of peanut's not really a problem the way we consume it though! Haven winning at Pretty Pretty Princess. 
Meeting sweet baby Copper. We are so sad he will be moving away soon. Liv has gotten really into perler beads this summer. It's good fine motor work for Haven too. Potty time with daddy and the TV. 
Escape Room night with ladies from church. We both escaped our rooms! 
Summer sunrise yoga at the park led by my friend Crystal. OKCMB got some new pics done and then some of us went out for brunch at Cafe de Brasil. So yummy! My hip hop friends in an instagram war with the other side of the room. Happy Father's Day Ryan! We love you! 
Liv and I got to check out HeyDay using a venture pass and then make a video for OKCMB. We played laser tag, putt putt, bowled, and Liv did the ropes course. We had lots of fun. It's always good to spend one on one time with my girls (I say that as I am currently alone with Haven letting her watch copious amounts of TV so I can catch up on blogging ha!) 
The girls are REALLY into dress up right now. They usually call it "playing Elena" and if Liv isn't home Haven constantly requests I play with her although I don't know how to boss her around properly like her big sis does! 
Skating and Braums playdate with some of Liv's friends from school. They are ready for school to start back...but she is not. I bet they are ready to see each other more often though. "Mama take a selfie of us and all the animals" Reading Laura Ingalls Wilder. We've been on the same book all summer. Guess we are a bit slow!

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