Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pool Life

A lot of our time this summer has been spent at pools. Luckily we have a few places to venture to and I'm sure we will continue to spend the summer hours at various pools because it is so hot in OKC I don't really leave the AC unless I know a pool is involved! Plus the kids get worn out there so it's a win/win!
Friends make it more fun!
"I wimming mama, I fwoating!"
We also spent a day at White Water Bay with Jenna and Benay and kids. (Liv and I also checked out Andy Alligator's although I got no pics!)
Haven has water days at Mother's Day Out each Tuesday. There's always a different theme like washing cars or bathing baby dolls. She loves it and I love seeing the pics her teachers send me!


jana said...

so jealous! i still can't get my leg wet so there has been no relief this summer for me! :(

kmom said...

Great water day ideas at Mother's Day Out.

kmom said...

I thought Haven had an orange creamcicle in her hand in the pool and it was starting to drip. Then in another picture, I saw that it was most likely a Barbie. Better choice for the pool.

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