Saturday, July 15, 2017

Salt Plains Adventure

Back in June Amanda and I took our kids to go crystal digging at the Great Salt Plains of Oklahoma. It's a bit of a drive with nothing but farmland and windmills on the way so it was nice that we were in Amanda's van with DVD player. 2 adults and 5 kids basically headed on an unknown adventure. We really had NO idea what we were doing, but had read a few tourist guides and asked a few friends about their experiences. Luckily a few park rangers at the main station pointed us to the digging area. And once we were out there some friendly diggers schooled us on the best methods. Apparently this is the only place in the whole world where you can dig for selenite crystals. We found a few pretty perfect samples with a point at both ends and the hourglass shape trapped in the middle. We did not find any cool cluster ones, but we saw some that other people around us had. It's a very messy and hot endeavor but the kids had fun and luckily we were prepared with a change of clothes for them.
You can tell from this video that it looks like you're driving on sand at the beach. Alas there is no ocean!
We got very muddy. And we ate our picnic after we had been digging so all of our food tasted salty. Rookie mistake.
Nothing but salt plains as far as you can see!
Some were just laying on top of the ground and you didn't have to dig at all!
We survived! Sometimes it just takes another mama to go on crazy adventures with you!
The girls really loved washing them all off and seeing what treasures they had found when we got home. Now we just need a good box to put all of our crystals in!

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kmom said...

It is amazing how large and white that area is. The trees in the distance almost look like the water after the huge white sandy beach.

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