Monday, July 24, 2017

VBS 2017

Ryan and Liv missed out on Mayfair's VBS because they were in Branson for the Winn Family Reunion. However Haven and I (who decided we were a bit over long distance travelling for the summer) hung back and had some fun at VBS. Usually kids her age aren't included in the festivities but she and her little friends had a lot of fun as long as she didn't know I was around. I was helping take photos of the event so I just steered clear of her class best I could. Here's just a few shots of the fun we had!
Enjoying her watermelon!
The kids with their lanterns they made. Being lights for Jesus!
Thanks to Mr Todd and Ms Kelsey Haven stayed happily in class most of the time!

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kmom said...

Yay for Haven! Love, Grammy

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