Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Cousins, cousins, cousins!

About a week after we got back from Michigan an RV rolled up to our house containing some of my kids most favorite people (and mine too!). Grandparents and cousins galore!
We went swimming at Earlywine one day. Haven was a little brave in the shallow water. It only took her like 3 hours to warm up to it.
We all went down the big slide...except Grandma and Haven
Haven preferred snacks and shade
"Oh is it almost time to go? Ok I'll finally decide to play in the water now"
Grandma treated us to Braums afterward
Haven would smile for 1 second and then look back at her ice cream RIGHT as I took the pic!
It's rare they are all together!
Haven's favorite past time is dragging Fred around.
We got to have fun with them for two days before they took Liv with them headed NE for Branson to the Winn Family Reunion. Ryan followed the next day. Haven and I stayed behind and had fun at VBS.
We gave Liv the option to come back with Ryan on Sunday or stay for the whole next week and Gma and Gpa could bring her back on their way back to Oregon. She went back and forth on it for awhile, but chose to come back with her daddy as she was missing me a bit and not sleeping well. I wasn't  in Branson, but I did get a few pics from others of the fun they had at the reunion.
 The Isenberg crew is mainly in the front without the orange shirts on. Don't ask me to name everyone in this photo because I could not do that!

 They even swam in the rain at Sandy's
Then on their way back to Oregon the RV stopped here again but this time just Violet and Hazel were in tow. They made lots of fun creations with perler beads and we all went swimming at Mimi's one day. Haven is really confused about where the "motorhomin" went and still asks for Grandma in the morning.
 I'm sure when the poptarts and cereal are all gone reality will really start to settle in for them!
 I'm so glad everyone in the family enjoys Napolean Dynamite as much as me!
Love Violet's face in this pic! She worked hard on her diving skills and Liv worked hard on putting her face in the water...even though it happens everytime she goes off the diving board for some reason that doesn't count.
It's always a little harder to say good bye when we don't have plans set in stone for the next visit but we sure do love the time we get with family whenever that may be!


kmom said...

It is hard to believe Haven didn't want to be sprayed with the water sooner. That looks like a fun water park. Haven is a cute dog walker. Your front flower pots are lovely.

GmaakaMom said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Can't wait till next time. Love you guys.


I love that they love each other and get along AMAZINGLY well! (and an added bonus... this aunt thinks they are all super fun to hang out with!!) Great kids!

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