Friday, August 11, 2017

First Day of School {Second Grade Edition}

She must truly be a second grader because she woke up with her alarm, got dressed on her own, and made her bed without me asking all before coming downstairs and making her own breakfast and putting the lunch she'd packed herself in her backpack! We were off for a smooth start yesterday morning for sure!
I was surprised to learn that she wants to be a lifeguard when she grows up. She told me recently Jenna told her if you're a lifeguard at a waterpark, you get to have fun on the slides before and after all the people are gone so that has sealed the deal in her mind currently!
I did not get a pic of her morning surprises but we got her a few new lunch box containers, some shirts (that aren't for a uniform), gum, and hand sanitizer.
My french braid skills have been improving.

I was weepy the week before this day, mainly because she's just getting so big so fast, but I was fine by the actual first day.
I'm so proud of this girl!
Due to circumstances beyond our control we were unable to meet her teacher before the first day of school. She did email us so we knew who she was, but I think Liv was a little nervous that she didn't even know where her classroom was. And yes I could've walked her in but downtown parking and toddlers who weren't happy to be woken up early didn't seem to bode well for that sort of thing. So she walked in bravely by herself carrying a basket of goodies for her teacher and I saw her stop to ask the music teacher where her class was. 
This year's boohoo brunch was at Mary Eddy's and I don't think a single tear was shed. Haven scarfed down a pancake and managed to get syrup all over us and butter in my hair so I think it was a success!
Love these mama friends!
Afterward I headed to the grocery store and spent the day playing with Haven and doing housework. A few times she asked where her sissy was.
I thought Haven might forget the Pick-Up Procedures but as soon we neared the school she quickly remembered what to do.... 
Notice she fell asleep clipping her fingernails
 While she snoozed I took Liv to get a Shimmers Sno Cone for a great first day of second grade! She has a few friends in her class, seemed to like her teacher, and is glad they do not have Spanish class this year (although I'm sad about that). I hope the rest of the school year goes this smoothly!

Comparison pics (I did not get a sibling pic as Haven was NOT happy about waking up early. Don't worry, Haven, carpool starts soon!)


kmom said...

Yay, Olivia! Way to go getting ready for school! You are super! Love, Grammy

GmaakaMom said...

A reminder of how fast the years go by. Our girl is such a beauty inside and out. I pray she has an amazing and safe 2nd grade year.

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