Thursday, August 10, 2017

Going out with a Bang!

Our summer days drew to a close this week as school started yesterday. We had planned a few fun things to do but our bowling trip got turned into a trip to Riversport Adventures instead. Go big or go home!
I really like this place because unlike Frontier City or White Water can watch your kids have fun without having to pay for a ticket yourself! I'm not sure I'd enjoy the climbing things there although the water slide was tempting. I'd like to go back sometime and maybe do the white water rafting but all the high heights don't really appeal to me! Liv abosolutely loved it though. Anything that involves climbing, launching, and seems terrifying to your mother is right up her ally!
Noah and Liv both did the Rumble Drop (A harnessed straight jump from the top of that tall thing!) thanks to an ice cream bribery from Jenna! 

Jackson, Liv, and Noah all harnessed up and ready to go!
Haven found shorter structures to climb on!
Someday I'll have to take Liv back to that rock climbing place, she really has knack for scaling things at ridiculous speeds. She made it to the top on all the sides of this wall!
I love the view from the big jumping pillow of the downtown skyline
 Lest you think taking Haven places like this is a breeze, there were plenty of tantrums thrown...
 Dead weight whiney 2 yr olds aren't my favorite things to lug around BUT when you're this cute it helps! 
 She did have lot of fun on the trampoline and the stairs.
Here's a combined video of the slides (that launcher one sure was fun to just watch people's faces on!), jumping, and catastrophic kayak ride. I thought it was a worker rescuing them from across the river but no he was just a nice man. We tipped him!

The next day Liv and I planned to get pedicures and Roxy's ice cream. We let Haven stay home with Daddy on his lunch break so it could just be the two of us.
We go to Hawaii Nails by our house.
Liv asked while we waited for our nails to dry
Liv: Do you have to be Hawaiin to work here? Could I work here someday?
Me: No you don't have to be Hawaiin but I'm pretty certain none of the workers are from Hawaii
Liv: Are you sure? Because they aren't speaking English.
Me: Well you can ask them where they are if from if you'd like, but there's a really good chance they're from Vietnam
Me: Wellllll......ok yeah sure

Later she asked me if just the two of us could take a cruise together around the world to see Vietnam. Maybe so sweetie.

They were hiring at Roxy's and you definitely didn't have to be Hawaiian or Vietnamese to work there, but Liv's dreams were dashed when I told her she wasn't old enough to get a job yet.

We stopped to watch the monthly mural being painted in the Plaza for a bit while we finished our ice cream.

Love my brave and fun loving girl! Can't believe how fast this summer went by!


KTSDad said...

Definitely more fearless than her Papa would be!!!

kmom said...

You are a truly brave Mom to let Liv do those adventures. It was good for her, but I think I would have trouble watching. Glad Haven enjoyed doing some things. Your arms must be super strong from holding her, which reminds me, I better start weight lifting.

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