Thursday, August 03, 2017

Newsletter: 27, 28, 29 Months

Dear Haven,
I haven't forgotten to write you! We've just had a busy summer making lots of memories that sitting down to write about them has been tricky! You have been an excellent traveler this summer and have LOVED flying on planes to Oregon and Michigan. In fact you often ask when we can ride on an airplane again. You love to look for them in the skies and get excited when you see one!
You are talking so much more now. You make up stories with your play characters and love to listen at the dinner table and repeat what people say. I'll ask Olivia what she did today and then you'll interrupt and just repeat everything she said. One day I tried to explain something to you and you looked so confused and said "What you talking about mama?!" Some other cute phrases you say a lot are nevermind, oh my goodness, and daddy made that (because you see daddy working on so many parts of our house you point to just about, walls, clothes....and say "daddy made dat?"). You love to read books and know all the words to Brown Bear and the Foot Book. I'm always surprised how quickly you can catch on and memorize things.
You can say your full name now but when we ask you your name you say "2." 
You have a new obsession besides Thomas. Moana has also won a spot in your heart and whenever we let you watch TV you either request Thomas or Moana. You know all the characters names and love to point out Maui, TeFiti, and Tamatoa in the book we have. You and your sister play "Elena" a lot although I don't think you've ever really seen the show, it's just a way for you all to dress up and be fancy. Every now and then you talk me into it too.
Speaking of dressing up, it's quite possibly your favorite thing to do. Not just in play clothes but regular clothes. We've often been to friends houses to swim and you would much rather spend the entire time taking your swimsuit on and off and putting your play clothes on and off and layering them. Your closet is often a wreck as you can open your own drawers and change your clothes multiple times a day.
I think this love of fashion is part of the reason potty training is going rough lately. You just want to change your undies several times a day and if I say no then you know you can easily go peepee in your panties in order to get a new pair on so that's just what you do. Hard to figure out a natural consequence for that one without just buying you all plain white undies which I'm not even sure they sell anymore! But some days you have no accidents and happily go on your own and tell us but it really varies from day to day. You actually seem to do much better at school and in public than you do at home.
You and your sister have played very well together this summer for the most part. Squabbles occur usually when you won't follow her rules (As the youngest sibling too you know whose side I'm usually on!) or when you've messed up some lego creation she's made. But for the most part you're usually happy as a lark to go along with her whims of school, dress up, crafts, etc. I think you will miss her when she starts school next week!
Your favorite song is Jesus Loves Me and you always go up an octave above your speaking voice when you sing. It's kind of funny. You get the words sort of close but it's pretty cute. The other night I was trying to sing you to sleep and you did not like my song choice so you just interrupted and tried to sing over me.
You've been going to sleep VERY well at night because you don't nap in the day. I miss even having a rest time because I can't leave you alone for long in your room without there being a potty accident, so if you're being extra whiny in the afternoon I usually just put on a show for you thinking you'll fall asleep on the couch, but I don't think you ever have. You did snooze at Jenna's the other night though while the adults were playing games. I was so surprised, but it was late!
Hide and seek is a favorite game of yours even though you usually just lay on the floor somewhere and close your eyes like in this video....
You started out liking the pool this summer. But sometimes you just cling fiercely to me like you've never been in a pool floatie before. You don't want to try water wings or puddle jumpers so we just stick to the ring around your waist and you like to float around and kick your legs.
A day when you were feeling timid of the water vs. a day you were having fun and very brave
I'm always amazed how easily little kids can make friends and you have reminded me of that this summer. Meeting cousins that you rarely or have never seen, asking strangers at the library if they want to do puzzles with you, and playing with whatever kids are at the park. Adults can really learn a lot of things from kids just by sitting back and watching. Oh sure I could also learn how to throw an epic tantrum and be so stubborn that getting dressed or going potty takes an hour...but I'm choosing to focus on the positive things in life you are teaching me. Like enjoying the little things, being fascinated with nature and bugs and rocks, laughing over silly phrases, being excited over life's milestones, and snuggling with the ones you love. I sure do love you little girl and all the lessons you teach me!

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kmom said...

I love you, Haven. Hug and a kiss from Grammy (your Mama's Mama)

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