Saturday, August 05, 2017

Phone Dump {July 2017}

Didn't I just do the June Phone Dump? This summer really flew by! Craziness. Here are some of our July moments I didn't blog about....
Enjoying the Cowboy Museum. Haven has been here a few time and even as a baby she was most fascinated with the hunting scene mannequins....nothing's changed, although she was quite fond of the jail cell this time too.
Liv playing her "tapping bugle horn" she invented one morning, Sisters watching a show, enjoying Andy Alligator's with my fav 7 yr old, nothing much to do when it gets over 100 degrees but read!
My girl's summer fashion vibes at home include underwear and the occasionally cape or sarong. The mailman must find us humorous.
Feeding ducks in Bricktown. Enjoying Jenna's new pool, Haven crashing "documentary club"
For about 2 days straight Liv did nothing during her waking hours but sew on this canvas owl card. I wish her Great Grandmother were alive to share this love with her. I recall spending hours doing the same thing at her house when I was a little girl. Haven just plays with a cat.
Swimming at Mimi's house. Haven prefers to "swim" by playing with dolls on the patio.
Some of Haven's fashionable moments. This is how she PREFERS to wear her undies. Backwards and pulled up her crack as high as she can. So strange.
Everyone needs a Jerri in their pew. We visited the new twin baby donkeys at the farm. Haven pet a few while Liv ran all around the farm with Saundra's girls. Passion flowers are some of the craziest things you'll ever see if you're lucky enough!
We got to see our good old college pal (and my roomie) Kassi on the way to the airport in Michigan. She hasn't changed one bit!! Except for that baby in her belly. On the drive back from Dallas we stopped at the Turner Falls overlook for a brief selfie moment...and to give Liv jealousy about somewhere we haven't taken her yet!
Playing Elena....don't ever say I never played dress up with my girls! They love this game.

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kmom said...

Rarely at dull moment with your kids. Keep keeping us entertained!

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