Monday, August 07, 2017

Saying See Ya Later to the Shrocks

Missouri stole the Merediths (who then got double swiped by Utah AND Texas), Seminole stole the Schatzels, Texas stole the Vasquezes (but we eventually stole them back), and now the Ohio Valley (which is also in West Virginia and confusing to me) has stolen the Shrocks from us. We had a few weeks warning, but man it still stinks. We helped them load up last week...well who am I kidding....Ryan helped them load up while I played lifeguard/baby bouncer to the kids. It was so bittersweet to see them playing around all the moving boxes. 
I might have started the sobbing when these two hugged in the driveway and Haven said "Dood-bye Weese"
 I promise they did this to themselves....
They moved here before Elle was even 2 so she has been one of Liv's first and bestest friends. Then they gave birth to my future husband Todd. Then when Reese came along we decided to give her a friend so we had Haven (well that might not have been the motivation but who cares, this is MY story!), and as a parting gift they birthed another Shrock boy for me to love...only to rip him from my hands and take him across the country. They gave us shelter during tornadoes, let our toddlers ride their pug, have humored my many themed parties from Olympics to Easters to Birthdays, and we've watched our kids grow up these past 7 years as we went from rookie parents to parents who at least pretend to know what we're doing. We love this family so much and will miss seeing them in our lives each week! Here's some memories I perused from the blog. 
 Come back and visit anytime!!


kmom said...

So many, many wonderful memories.

dshrock said...

Love all the pictures! Such sweet times! We will be back before you know it! We love you Isenbergs!

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