Friday, August 18, 2017

The Homebody

When Olivia was a toddler I often said I was a "stay at home mom who never stayed at home." We were always on the go visiting places and having fun around OKC. So now that's she's back in school and I get more one on one time with Haven I was a little excited to relive those days. In the morning I'll ask her what she'd like to do today....the zoo, the science museum, the park, the library? She always says "NO! Stay home and pway wif my toys!!" I can't decide if this is a good problem to have yet or not.

Granted I just make the plans sometimes without giving her any opinion and she usually ends up crying when we have to leave the zoo or library because she wants to stay longer. But if given a choice she just wants to stay home. She does play well by herself. Her current favorite is definitely her She makes houses, planes, ice cream cones, roads, and usually puts her "swabeeswoobies" in them. (That's her pronuniciation of lalaloopsies)

So I'm not complaining but I am adjusting to this new type of kiddo and hoping maybe once I force her to go to these places she'll be able to form a better opinion when I ask which place she'd like to visit...but I won't be surprised if swabeeswoobies win out every time! Love my girl!
You also get to hear her say her full name in this video "Haven Ruth and Isenberg"


kmom said...

I love you, Haven. You might take after Grammy a bit, preferring to stay home a lot, but liking to explore places once in a while.

kmom said...

I'm looking forward to playing with Haven and Olivia.

GmaakaMom said...

Haven Ruth Isenberg, you are so so precious.

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