Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Phone Dump {Aug 2017}

Here are some events that happened last month that I may or may not have already shared...and will probably share again whenever I write Haven's newsletter!
Our engage-aversary happened. 2004 vs 2017. Yeah yeah we are starting to look old.
My friend Crystal teaches free sunrise yoga classes occasionally through OKC parks and rec. This one happened to be at lake Hefner and was a truly beautiful location. I obviously did not take the pic of us in posture (can you find me?) but I stole it from her. I did take the difference in the sky from the beginning of class to the end! I'm sad the sun is rising later now because I won't be able to go!
Teamwork on the horse hair. Finishing out one of Liv's summer bucket list items by teaching Haven about "fizzies." Asleep in the pick up line. Child of the 21st century, on the potty on her "cell phone"
The joy on her face from playing with a dead cicada at the gazebo. Pretty pretty princess. Haven meets Chuck.
Just one of the guys watching the DOTA championship. Working on a closet design with my ancient tools...and Liv's Dr Suess ruler. Haven loves her magnatiles and plays with them DAILY.
Beautiful Oklahoma skies. Makes up for the lack of trees and hills sometimes. My new sign. I try to change it weekly and get quote inspiration from mostly New Girl and The Office.
Haven on the porch with her trains and playing with kinetic sand
Liv informed me she gets hungry sometimes when making her lunch...ha! Me and my baby! More magnatile creations. The sign they made daddy when he got home late at night from his Colorado trip.
Antique door search for a client.
Helping pass out watermelon on OC freshmen move in day with Mayfair. Reading together. Ice cream date with Jeri...but Haven said "pwease tome pway swabbieswoobies (lalaloopsies) wiv me at my house?" so it turned into a much longer playdate!
Evening counter clean up. Playing in the pouring rain with Noah. Reading in the pickup line. Library play time!


Cassie said...

That train set looks awesome! I'm going to have to look into those magna tiles for my 2 yo.

GmaakaMom said...

You just look wiser not older❤

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