Saturday, January 13, 2018

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I forgot to post links to my most recent OKC Mom's Blog case you missed them!

I See a Therapist and I'm Not Ashamed

I see a therapist. There. I said it.

I feel like there is a pretty big stigma around mental health so it’s hard to discuss without someone jumping to conclusions. Does she have postpartum depression? Is her marriage okay? Is she crazy? Did she try to hurt herself? She probably doesn’t have a friends to talk to.

Did that cover all the assumptions you just had? I’m a mommy blogger so I tend to overshare about my life in general.... (click here to read more)

Be Grateful...OR ELSE! {Raising Thankful Kids in an Entitled World}

The Thanksgiving season is upon us. It’s my personal favorite holiday, and I think it’s because it truly doesn’t feel like a commercialized one (maybe because with Christmas on it’s heels it CAN’T be!) and that’s a rarity! The whole point of it is to reflect about the blessings we have in life and spend time eating delicious foods with people we love, who wouldn’t love that?!

With birthdays and Christmas and other gift-getting-candy-consuming holidays there’s this pressure in our society to have more! to get more! To have the newest! To have the latest! And even if you teach otherwise in your home (which we try so hard to!), we are all still a part of the culture we live in and sadly the American message being bombarded around many holidays isn’t one of simplicity, togetherness, or gratefulness. Just check out a few commercials right now and I think you’ll clearly see that! (Click here to read more)

Make 2018 Your Year of NO!!

Happy 2018! Wait, what?! Where did 2017 go? What about all those stinking resolutions/goals/one words/themes I made 12 months ago and abandoned 12 days into it?!

Anybody else feeling whip-lashed by father time? Well I’m here to bring you some comfort as you stare at that blank calendar for the new year and let you in on a secret that will be your best goal yet. Here it is: Make 2018 your year of no!

I don’t mean this in a negative way, but I think it’s time a lot of us (myself definitely included) cut ourselves some slack with the commitments. Be kinder to yourself this year by allowing yourself to not over-commit.
(Click here to read more)

We had our OKC mom blog holiday party in January so as not to compete with the business of the December season. It was fun to see each other in person, most of us usually only chat online!
I took no pics but stole these from others!


kmom said...

I had read all of these articles. They are all very well written. You have a talent for writing. Not everyone can thing of how to say something in a kind and interesting way. I hope you continue to use your writing talents for the enlightenment and enjoyment of others. Love, Mom

GmaakaMom said...

I always enjoy your OKC moms blog. I feel like I get to know you a little better with each one.

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