Friday, February 15, 2019

Be My Valentine

Valentine's day was pretty simple and perfect around here yesterday. Liv's school has no parties (but they did swap cards) and I'm not mad about it. It is different though and the only thing I miss about it is the chance to get to know the parents of kids in her class. I don't miss sugar rush insanity for 30 minutes though! 
I woke up early to lay out some Vday gifts and found flowers, treats, and a homemade card from Ryan. I'll give you one guess as to what candy I put in Ryan's box. In the rush of getting ready to get out the door, we didn't notice that we had dressed eerily alike that morning...
I had a head cold and wanted to eat chicken soup for dinner so Ryan gave us all the best gift possible. He took the girls to Denny's (their fav, it has replaced Arby's in their hearts) and gave me the house to myself! I ate soup in bed and listened to podcasts and read my book. 
We all felt loved. 

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Snow Day

It snowed in Salem yesterday! I think a lot of people thought when we moved here we'd see a lot of snow, but apparently it snows here in the valley about as much as in Oklahoma. We can drive up in the mountains and see tons of it but we don't live in the mountains, so it was a treat for us to see! 
When Haven saw the snow outside the window she said "Welp I guess it must be Christmas!"
This is flower pot I won in Liv's PTC auction. Her class signed their names in their fingerprints around the I've got their prints for life so they better not commit a crime! Ha...jk...
It came with a poinsetta in it but you guys know I kill things, so this fake tree is working well in it.
Liv got a day out of school for the inch or so that we got. It was very pretty and the girls played in it quite awhile. They built a "melty snowman."
It's mostly all gone today, but it might just snow again some next week!

Monday, February 04, 2019

Family Pics

Before Christmas we had our family pics taken by Brianna Swan at a local Christmas tree farm. It was a rare sunny day but she got lots of good shots. I wasn't able to put them all on our Christmas cards so I will share more here! (not all 66 but a good sampling!) I met her through our last OKC photographer, Cassie, who happened to move to Portland last year. If you are looking for a great Oregon photographer check either one of them out!
 We kinda dressed in the same colors as the tree farm. Accidental camouflage!
Haven borrowed this dress from Afton and loved the way it spun!

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Phone Dump {Jan 2019}

It's already February people! And we have two birthdays in our family this month that I get to plan for. And my parents are coming to visit in a few weeks. I'm excited for this month. But here are some shots from January!
We've been using the hairstyle book Jenna gave me for Xmas lots. Liv picks out a different style every day. Sometimes they work, sometimes the don't but I'm getting good at my braiding skills! I did a heart braid on Haven's head one day but it didn't photograph well. Aaaand a squirrel outside our window.
Sweet Thursday cousin play dates. Checking out the new fairy tale play space at the library. It got quiet upstairs and I found Haven face down asleep while playing. Never happens!
Liv's "Home school scegewel" for Haven. You can tell from this enthused vintage pic that Kelsey was destined to be the mother of 4. One Saturday Ryan and the kids were in Newberg and I had the house to myself all afternoon for the first time since we moved here! It was amazing. I was productive but I also watched a lot of the British Bakeoff. Girls night with my Portland photographer friends!
How we often find the girls in the morning. Even though the trundle bed is right next to the other bed, it's not good enough for them I guess. Sweet sisters. The awkward place I got my fingerprinting done to be a certified sub teacher...Mail AND bridal shop??? Celebrating Paisley's birthday at Chang's Mongolian bbq. Ryan and Jensen.
Cousins in a box. Scenes from my letter board in its new home.
Haven and Delilah at the Gilbert House museum.
More museum and at her house with their puppy Rosie. 
My before (top pics) and after (bottom two) of my hair cut this month. I liked the length but we changed the shape up this time, now I just have to wait for it to be long again. Still going strong with curly girl method. Half way there of a year of no straightening!

Here's some videos...we saw the neighborhood wild turkeys again on our walk to school one morning!

Friday, February 01, 2019

Liv at the Rock Boxx

This month we signed Liv up for a sport. She has a natural gift for climbing and enjoyed the indoor climbing places we went to in OKC, so I googled and found an after school program here that offers a class for kids. There's no repelling at this place, it's strictly bouldering, but she loves it. She goes once a week but I think she'd love to go every day, we usually end up staying after class because she wants to keep climbing. It's very laid back and the instructor has various challenges and obstacle courses for them each week as they develop their skills. I enjoy watching her and I cringe less since there's a mat below her! Here's a few shots and videos I've gotten although they usually turn out too blurry to post!
After class yesterday her instructor told us there would be no more after school program. I'm pretty devastated about it and Liv is super bummed. She wasn't sure why so I plan to call and hopefully talk to the owner to find out why. We just found it and she loved it and now we are sad!

Speaking of Rock Climbing, I recommend everyone see this Oscar nominated documentary called Free Solo. I was on the edge of my seat and about to squeal out loud in the theater it is so intense, but so good. It's rated PG13 but I'm not sure why unless there were a few words in it, so we will probably let Liv see it when it's streaming. It's also in IMAX but I could barely handle the scenes on a big screen so good luck if you have a fear of heights! Here's the trailer for the movie...

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Toy Rotations for the Win

I've always tried to be a good toy-rotatin' mom. (That's where you routinely swap out your kids' toys that are easily in reach.) I think a good toy rotation promotes independent play....which promotes me to get an uninterrupted shower, or blog time, or grocery list making, etc. My friend Alana in OKC faithfully does one every Sunday night and posts it to her Instagram story. She and her mom both make amazing, but simple educational activities for her kiddos that I love. It's one of my favorite things to see and she inspired me to be better about my toy rotation game. Once the new shelf was delivered last week, it was go time!
I tried to build this myself and only got this far before I had broken 3 pieces off and stripped a peg hole I let Ryan finish!
A before and after shot...
I had planned to move the brown shelf out but we made it work for the moment. I'm considering moving it to the girls room though for more lego playing space. We will see.
Here's some of the videos I posted to IG. I probably won't post every week like my friend but I had to tag her a few times!
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