Thursday, July 12, 2018

Phone Dump {June 2018}

The last few posts have been pretty picture heavy because I've had to catch up a lot for the past few weeks. June was a busy month! We hosted family, went to TN, came back to pack our house, say farewell to friends we love, and move across the country. Busy indeed! Here's some shots that captured those moments!
Haven stuffing her face. Our house sold in 48 hours (BUT we've had so many issues with our buyers selling their house...they've had 3 different contracts so our close date is still not until August 5.) Packing up.
The last time pumping my own's against the law in Oregon! Getting in some more quality time with Audrey and Henry.
Jenna perfected her hair plopping techniques this month. Floats and films at the Vasqueezies. Can you find Haven? I found her multiple times asleep under the bed this month!
Calvin and Benay took Liv to White Water one day this month. Liv was finally tall enough to go down the huge slides. I'm glad I wasn't there. I saw the video and she caught air, that's why she put her arms out.
We hosted a wedding shower for a couple at church. He's from Oregon so there's a pretty good chance we will see Jake and Samantha again!
Getting some quality cuddle time together. Weird sleeping positions. Liv turned our pile of boxes into a castle for the barbies and I found them spread out there often.
Happy Father's Day! We went out to eat...I already forgot where...and then saw The Incredibles 2.
Returning the last of our library books, Liv couldn't resist the photo op. Haven's last day at school. The only moldy cup I found hiding when we packed up (I honestly thought I'd find more).
One last Shimmers stop, one last 90's movie night, visiting pregnant donkeys in Seminole, one last sit with Jeri in church.
Liv posing with the tallest weed in our yard before we mowed. She named it. Haven and Reese snacking. Playing at Janine's house.
Olivia T's birthday. She's the slime queen!
Last playdate in the Gut! Bo and Haven had a sweet hug.
Playing at Janine's house
Pool fun with the Shrocks
The day after we arrived in Oregon it was Hazel's birthday celebration. We got to eat at Abby's for lunch, then check out the new indoor water area that Uncle Troy is in charge of. Liv was feeling sick but Haven had fun! 
Then we ate dinner at Hazel's house at the celebration continued and got to see all the cousins and great grandma too!
We had to wait a few days for daddy and grandpa to arrive with the Uhaul but we found ways to pass the time. There's no shortage of cousins to play with. Movies on the couch put Haven to sleep quickly.
Fred doesn't know what to do with all the extra love. I knew how to walk a few places in town so the girls and I walked to Jem 100 for ice cream one day and of course their favorite, the pet store.
The weather has been pretty nice, starts out cool then gets up to 75 or 80. Live has complained about it being too hot some days and we laugh and remind her it's 30 degrees warmer in Oklahoma right now! Liv already had a Dr. appt for a sore throat. Haven and Fred. Cousins in the alley with fake cell phones walking the block.
Enjoying the views and playground at Schaad park.

As we said goodbye on the farewell tour we made sure to recreate some moments and do some photo comparisons!
Who said we still can't hold these babies?!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Oklahoma Farewell Tour

My last post for OKC Mom's Blog was posted a few days ago. It's a farewell letter to the state we love so much. We've been in Oregon just over a week now. Here are the pics from what I dubbed "the farewell tour" of our last days in OKC. (I'll go back and post our TN trip pics soon.)

Matt and Brent had a cousin farewell dinner our first night back from TN. We will miss getting together with them for the holidays!
One last trip to the Gut to see Katy's crew and dear old Cynthia. Marco Polo is keeping us in touch..along with my other pals but it's not the same.
Benay and I had one last brunch at Aurora, these were the teeny tiny eyeball meringue desserts they gave at the end. I did not care for them but I love the rest of their food!
Liv requested a few playdates with school mates before we left. Legos were about the only thing not packed up!
Liv and Mia.
Liv and Libby.
I have no idea what went on in this pic but her mom was kind to watch her so I could pack up the last of things! They've always looked a bit like sisters.
We've clocked more hours breastfeeding together than probably any group of friends! Not sure we've ever gone out to dinner without the kids but it sure was fun...without interruptions! We went to CoolGreens and then had to walk over to have Zoe's cake.
Jeri and Janine just happen to be neighbors now so I made sure we all had a playdate so I could introduce the two of them and hope they can become friends in my absence. I think they hit it off well!
They also got time for just the two of them at Jeri's house too.

Making mudpies and playing in the attic.

The Shrocks were in town even though they moved a year ago so we got to have some farewell time with them too!

We've raised these babies up together and they play together like family.
One last book club dinner at Red Rock. These are some of the best gal pals around and thanks to Marco Polo I still plan to keep reading along and just send my thoughts via the internet.
There may or may not have been some dancing involved. Who knew Thursday nights on the lake were such a hopping place?
Benay made us these cute book journals to keep our favorite reads in and quotes and lists of future books to read. She's so crafty.
I hadn't really thought about it until I posted these pics, but Candise was my first friend in Oklahoma. We were old camp friends from Jr. High who became pen pals then lost touch, but during the first week of college I saw her across the student center and she recalls me yelling "Cay-uhn-dissss!!!" But I recall her yelling "Kaaaaatiiieeee" as we ran and hugged each other. 
Who knows maybe our kids will be college pals one day too!
From classmates to roommates to coworkers, I'm gonna miss Kelli and our projects and lunchdates!
Some friends from church hosted a game night and dinner for us.
I think Liv almost smoked these dudes in Catan!
Liv and the neighbors. I only hope we move to a neighborhood where kids play outside as much as this crew!
Park play date with Keely! 
Our church family had a going away lunch for us after service our last Sunday
I may or may not have began blubbering during this lunch and basically didn't stop for 24 hours. 
These girls have had a standing relationship since nursery days and it's hard to think of Sundays without them there!
Our pew grandparents and best buds!
Visiting the farm in Seminole. I got to feel the baby donkey move inside its mommy.
Since these guys are half Oregonians I hope we can catch up on the West Coast someday!
So many memories with this family.
Last 90's movie night. Romeo and Juliet. Great soundtrack. Meh movie. I love these gingers.
Mr Bill had been on hospice before we left for TN and we had said our goodbyes before we left just in case. He passed away as we were heading home to OKC. We sure will miss him and Ms. Alice. She gave the girls a parting gift and I hope they were remember how much they loved the neighborhood kids and always let them play at their house and in their yard and under their big tree. Not every octogenarian is an enthusiastic about kids running around their porch and grass all day but I pray we might find more like them in Oregon!
One last swim date with Noah bean and Audrey and Henry.
Noah gave Liv a photo album with lots of pics of the two of them in it. She's only looked at it about 1000 times since then.
These two...
My gym routine will not be near as lively or joyful in the mornings without these ladies. Our hiphop class actually got cancelled while I was in TN so I got no official farewell with those friends but my swim crew and turbo crew were faithful!

We actually had turbo and brunch the morning I flew out!

My ride or die. She downloaded some Rhianna song about saying farewell to a friend and sang it the whole way to the gym that morning. One last teary selfie with this sisterwife of mine.

And the morning we were packing up and leaving Amanda stopped by one last time and although I think she just meant to say bye, she got roped into helping take curtains down and tape boxes and the kids played with whatever was still left to play with. I found some of the silly things she wrote on the boxes when we got here, but I know I will find more when we move into our final house and really unpack.

Words can't say how much these people mean to us. They were the reason we could live away from our immediate families for 17 years. They included us in so many life celebrations, dinners, family holidays, game nights, etc. They were more than friends and although I said "one last...." I know we will have more chances to catch up with them and do the things we love to do together when we visit or when they find their way out to the Northwest. Oklahoma will always be home!
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